High Adventure Team Patch
Publications - Announcements


These program announcement flyers provide detailed information about specific GLAAC sponsored activities and awards, both on-going and special or limited duration. They may be stand-alone or provide additional detail and background to material to be found in a Hike Aid or other publication.

Title Publication
19 Ten Essentials - Plus.pdf Nov 2015
25 The BSA Climbing/Rappelling Program.pdf April 2017
26 Trail Boss Program.pdf June 2015
27 James L. Hawkins Award - Grand High Adventure Maker.pdf Feb 2023
28 Master TrailBuilder.pdf June 2015
39 GLAAC-HAT Climbing Kit.pdf April 2024
40 Nomination for the James L. Hawkins Award - Grand High Adventure Maker (paper version or on-line form) Jan 2021
41 Silver Moccasins Hike Detour.pdf Oct 2017

A list of obsolete Program Announcements can be found here.