High Adventure Team Patch
Internet Links and Phone Numbers

Orange County Council

The High Adventure Team of the Orange County Council has collected lists of the high adventure awards that are offered by the various Councils within the Southern California area.

http://hat.ocbsa.org/hike_awards.htm The awards program
http://hat.ocbsa.org/scout_awards_book.htm Boy Scout awards
http://hat.ocbsa.org/cub_awards_book.htm Cub Scout awards
http://hat.ocbsa.org/Hikes_page.htm Brief descriptions of some hiking destinations

Useful Links

http://www.hundredpeaks.org/ Maps and writeups for local peaks
https://www.fs.usda.gov/r5 All you need to know about National Forests in CA
http://desertpeaks.org/ Desert Peaks Section write-ups and archives
http://sierrapeaks.org/ Sierra Peak Section write-ups and archives
http://www.howlingduck.com/cgi-local/display_water_data.pl San Gorgonio Water Source Conditions
https://pctwater.com/ Pacific Crest Trail Water Report

Handy Phone Numbers

760-325-1449 Palm Springs Tramway (pstramway@earthlink.net)
877-444-6777 National Park Reservations
626-794-0675 Henninger Flats - camping, museum, merit badges
310-548-7562 Cabrillo Beach marine aquarium