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These brochures provide both basic information about High Adventure outdoor activities, and specific information about the GLAAC-HAT and its various programs. They supplement books and other literature which are available from other sources by adding the framework of Scouting and local outdoor conditions.

Hike Aids Title Publication Date
0 Hike Aids Cover/Index.pdf
This is a cover and index for this material.
June 2016
1 This is Your High Adventure Team.pdf
This Hike Aid discusses the organization and mission of the High Adventure Team and its relationship to the Greater Los Angeles Area Council. It contains its "Procedures and Practices" and a statement of duties of the Chair, Vice-Chairs, and District Representatives. Its purpose is to inform the Unit Leadership of the role of the GLAAC-HAT and of how it can help the Unit bring High Adventure into its outdoor program.
May 2020
2 High Adventure Program Literature and Communication.pdf
This Hike Aid is your introduction to the specialized literature of the GLAAC-HAT along with the GLAAC-HAT communication program.
Feb 2016
3 Full Dimension High Adventure Training.pdf
This Hike Aid describes the many training programs that are offered for adults and Scouts by the GLAAC-HAT. Completion of Adult Leaders Backpack Training is required of the adult leadership of a Unit for its members to earn GLAAC sponsored long-term backpacking awards. Adults who complete the prescribed set of programs are recognized as High Adventure Leaders.
May 2019
4 High Adventure Procedures and Guidelines.pdf
Learn the basics of planning and taking a High Adventure outing. This Hike Aid leads you through the process, planning, and paperwork. Unit Leadership will use it to learn the fundamentals of a High Adventure Program and as a reference guide for doing outdoor activities.
April 2017
5 High Adventure Backpacking Program.pdf
"And away you go." This tells you where, what and how. It highlights the more important features of a backpacking program and, as appropriate, adds a Scouting perspective. The address and telephone number for the administrative agencies for most of the public lands in Southern California are included.
Feb 2016
6 High Adventure Awards Program.pdf ← Revised to show where to buy them
The GLAAC-HAT sponsors forty plus backpacking, peak climbing, conservation, and special awards. This Hike Aid provides the Unit Leadership with information about the nature and purpose of each award and the requirements for earning it.
Sept 2021
7 Forest and Trail Conservation.pdf
This Hike Aid challenges the Unit Leadership to make conservation work an on-going part of its outdoor program. It provides information on how to become involved in this GLAAC-HAT sponsored program, and what is expected of the Unit. The many outdoor awards to be earned are discussed and their requirements are listed. It is the guide for Unit participation in this important community service program.
April 2017
8 Scout's Own.pdf
This Hike Aid suggests religious activities that are suitable for the Unit's outdoor program. These are non-denominational in nature, with the intent of evoking a sense of reverence in an outdoor setting.
Feb 2016
9 Risk, Health and Safety.pdf
Everything that we do involves elements of uncertainty, if not risk. The health, safety, and enjoyment of the participants in a High Adventure Program are dependent upon the Unit Leadership's understanding of these conditions. This Hike Aid identifies many of the sources of risk and specifies the actions that are to be taken to avoid them.
April 2017
10 A Parent's Guide to the High Adventure.pdf
A guide for the parent who's son is entering a Unit with a High Adventure Program. Clothing and equipment are discussed, both in terms of what is needed and places where it might be acquired. The parent's responsibilities to talk with the boy about risk, conduct and manners, and personal safety on outings are presented. The importance of the parent's awareness and participation in the program is stressed.
April 2016
11 Bicycling to High Adventure.pdf
Why not? Changes in bicycles in the last 20 years have been just as dramatic as those for hiking and camping equipment. Cyclists can now seek High Adventure on many of the same trails that are used by backpackers. Let this Hike Aid be your guide to getting started.
Feb 2016
12 More Backpacking Ideas.pdf
A collection of papers, with over half about backpacking techniques and concerns. The purpose this Hike Aid is to provide ideas and information for the Unit Leader who is looking to extend the scope of its High Adventure Program.
Feb 2016
13 A Trail Guide to the Rae Lakes Loop.pdf
A trail guide to a very scenic and popular High Sierra route. It was initially prepared by the Trails and Awards Committee in 1967, and has long been out of print. A day-by-day narrative about the route and its features is the main component. Also included are general comments about the Sierras, a Trail Profile/Trail Schedule, and a map.
Feb 2016
14 Aquatics in High Adventure.pdf
Lots of good materials on this subject are available, including several by the BSA-National Council that the Unit with an aquatics program must have. This Hike Aid ties it all together at the local level. It covers types of activities, where to go, where to get instruction and equipment, guide services, etc. Sample plans for a weekend canoe trip on the Lower Colorado River and a long-term outing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness are included.
Nov 2016
15 Long-Term Trekking.pdf
Over 60 years ago, members of Units in the GLAAC inaugurated long-term backpacking with a trek from Big Pines to Chantry Flats. The Silver Moccasins Trail Award was initiated to recognize those who completed that strenuous journey the first of the now numerous long-term trek awards. This Hike Aid identifies and discusses the differences and additional requirements of long-term versus weekend backpacking trips. Basic information about GLAAC and local Councils' awards is also provided.
Feb 2016
16 Peak Bagging: Program and Awards.pdf
Among the awards that were established by the Trails and Awards Committee, predecessor to the High Adventure Team, in the 1960's were the two programs for beak bagging. The objective of these programs was to promote peak climbing as an integral part of the Unit's High Adventure program, to draw Scouts further into the wilderness and to its highest points. That remains the objective today, and the popularity of the awards attests to the wisdom of the Trails and Awards Committee. This Hike Aid identifies and discusses some of the unique requirements and concerns to engage in peak bagging.
Jan 2016

San Diego-Imperial Council HAT Publications

Trek Aids Title
2 Equipment for High Adventure
3 Food for High Adventure
5 High Adventure Health and Safety
101 Canoe the Colorado River
102 Desert Backpacking
103 Camelback Trail
104 San Gorgonio and San Jacinto
105 Scouting High Sierra Treks
The San Diego-Imperial Council High Adventure Team web site can be found here.
Note: Before 2005 the San Diego-Imperial Council was known as the Desert Pacific Council.